Happy New Year!

It is 2012!  Yes, the year the Mayan calendar predicts the world will end (according to some.)  However, I am not at all inclined to believe that there is some giant apocalypse waiting for us in December.  I think it was just the end of their marking cycle and things would re-set–not unlike us opening a new calendar for a new year…

I have a lot to accomplish this year!  I’ve got two complete novels in first draft and a third about half done.  I’ve got a granny square afghan sucking up all my crazy yarn.  I’ve also decided to learn how to knit socks from the cuff down (and two at a time) and that is coming along slowly.

What do I want to learn in the year to come?

1.  I want to learn to make crusty bread from scratch.  The kind of bread with the thick crust and yummy good inside.  The kind of bread that needs soaking in soup.
2.  I want to design and finish a pair of selbu mittens (and a set of socks).
3.  I want to learn to like raw onion on things.
4.  I want to start painting again.
5.  I want to cultivate a daily butt-in-chair routine for writing.

I think that’s enough to get on with for now.

Ok.  It’s 40ish and gloomy here right now at 9am on the first day of the new year, but we’re supposed to drop temperature through the day and have a good bit of nasty weather tonight.  So, before the looming rain (and eventual snow) begins to fall, I think I am going to go for a walk!


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