What do we think about now that it is snowy?

The garden!

Yes, it seems a bit contrary to discuss gardening with freezery wind and snow on the ground.  However, spring is right around the corner!  There is MUCH to be done.

Last year I had my first real garden (meaning I had more than just a tomato plant).  I had tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, peas, beans (snap/dry), lettuce, carrots, and radishes.  It was not a smashing success.  The bells were stingy and the tomatoes were finicky.  I discovered I hated the snap beans and the radishes kept dying. The carrots didn’t do so well, but a few seeds got loose and I had wild little carrotlings in my flowerbed.  The hot peppers went gangbusters, the lettuce was amazing, and the peas wowed!  It wasn’t a total loss.

Yummy peas!

And I now know the joy of handpicking bean beetles off the beans and drowning them in hot soapy water every morning!

New garden plan.  I just discovered a new website that helps you plan your garden and takes into account all the food you need to feed your family!  It is really amazing.  Not only does it allow you to design the shape of your garden, but you plug in existing plants from the list (or add to their growing database).  The program will plan out the spacing of the plants according to your layout.  It is amazing.

You can find the garden tool here:  Smart Gardener 

I named my plot “Garden of the Clueless” because, well, I am.  But it has to get better, right?


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