The demise of the writing group

The first Thursday of the month:  writing group.  I’ve been a member of a local writing group that met over the last year and a half.  Unfortunately, due to multiple factors in the life of everyone in the group this has become almost impossible to coordinate.  We’ve all had other obligations or scheduling conflicts that impeded the meeting dates.  And so, on Tuesday, our founder dissolved the group.

Am I sad?  A bit.  I met some amazing writers and funny people with whom I enjoyed spending time.  I got a lot of writing accomplished.  I read some great work.

So what would I like to see in any writing group I choose to join in the future?

1.  Flexibility.  Coordinating a group of people in diverse careers and family situations requires the ability to change days, times, or locations in order to keep the meeting.
2.  Tech savvy.  We should make great use of the technology we have available.  For example, Skype is a handy tool by which to have the meeting via conference call.  That means no extra travel time to squeeze into your day.  You don’t even have to be in the same state!
3.  Frequent meetings.  I am the type of person that procrastinates if there is too much lag time.  It also means that I am less productive than if I am to be held accountable for my turn-out every week. 
4.  Well-read members.  I would like to know that, in addition to writing, the writers also are readers.  I like hearing new book suggestions.
5.  Different specialties.  I would like to see members with different preferences and specialties.  For example, I was trained as a poet (complete with MFA!) but am now writing novels.  I can’t write a short story to save my life, but I really appreciate learning from people who can.

I don’t know if such a thing exists or if it is all doomed to fall apart in the end.  I hear about the occasional long-standing group and I wonder how they manage to keep it chugging along.

Ok, novel.  It looks like it is just you and me on the long slog through revisions…


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