I love color.

Around here [and much of this region], the houses (and people) share an overwhelming preference for beige.  Houses are varying shades of neutrals.  The interior decor is dominated by neutrals–just “in case” the homeowners want to sell.  Bah humbug, I say!

If you must keep your neutral wall color, make everything as bright and garish as you possibly can.  After all, we live in a winter dark environment.  Even at mid-day, the sun is so far tilted toward the south that it shouldn’t be considered “overhead.”

I rebel against the beige-people! 

What is the most garish and non-“Martha Stewart aesthetic” thing a family can have in its possession?  A granny square blanket.

That’s right.  A zillion color mash of yarn.  Nothing says love like a granny!  [If you don’t believe me, go check out this blog and see if you don’t LOVE the wild colors.  They make you happy.]  Traditionally, these are made to keep the family warm during the winter, but also to use up yarn leftovers–kind of like a crazy quilt uses leftover fabric scraps.

So I have a bunch of “I love this yarn!” from Hobby Lobby and am doing my own wild color mash.  I planned on creating a granny square that kept growing without binding off to small 5 or 6 round squares because I didn’t want to stitch them together.  While I hit the end of my first color-go-round, I briefly considered making blocks because this was going to get very large…

These pictures were taken a few days ago and the blanket has grown several rows since then.  But I absolutely adore it.  There is no rhyme or reason in the color selection, I just grab a yarn and run with it.  It is going to be wonderful!

I also am headed to my local yarn store (LYS) this afternoon because the yarn for my Selbu mittens came in.  Yay, new yarn!


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