First Friday or whatever you call your town shindig…

In trying to beat the closing time to my LYS to pick up my ordered yarn, it never occurred to me that yesterday was the first Friday of the month.  The roads were blocked off to the store and I had to park a few blocks away in order to get to my destination.  The town celebrates the first Friday of every month year round.  [Had I remembered, I would have brought my camera!]

For the first time I attended the relatively new (three years?) First Friday shindig.  It was the Fire & Ice Festival–which means that there were ice carvers working on ice-art all over the place and a group did a fire show.  Even though the name is majestic, the events are completely local and without super fanfare or special effects, but that’s ok.  Downtown was packed and it was fun.

It was awesome weather for walking around, too.  A warm day in January–even when the sun made way for a clear night and a bright gibbous moon.  [This does not bode so well for the longevity of the ice sculptures.]

I forgot how much fun these little get-togethers are.  Bands, vendors, local shops, people.  It’s very homey and makes you feel like you actually belong to the town.

Something new:  I discovered a WINE BAR!!!!


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