What an eventful day

Of course, that title is an absolute lie.

I didn’t do much of anything important.  I woke up and ate croissants that my sister brought me from Rachel’s Bread.  [Yum!]  And then I graded some papers.  Then I procrastinated while watching Hulu.  And then I graded more papers.  Then I swept off the back steps so the sun could melt the ice and the dog would not go plummeting down to his death.  And then I graded more papers.  Then I watched more Hulu and procrastinated.  And then I graded a few more papers.

Then it was time for Facebook.

And of course, that brought about great wads of kicking myself because I still hadn’t finished grading papers.  [At this point, it is dark.]  Then when I finally get the papers done, the participation grades still had to be figured and discussed.  So I worked like hell to get that accomplished.

Students are happy.  School isn’t going to send little disapproving notes to my inbox.  So, more Facebook.

Now, it is quarter after 11pm and I realized I haven’t eaten anything since this morning.  Damn my procrastination!


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