Stop the bastards!

Ok.  I’m not so keen on political crap as most of it seems to be people spouting a bunch of hot air.  However, there are certain things I am vehemently opposed to–like anything that tries to limit freedom of speech or expression (or my right to see it) to the views of the few.

While the need to curb piracy is out there, sucking the marrow from the internet won’t get it done.   There is much protesting today.

1.  Whatever.

2.  EFF (through Whatever).

3.  Net Coalition (through Amazon).

4.  NPR Morning Edition.

5.  Wikipedia.

6.  CNN.

7.  XKCD.

8.  Girls With Slingshots.

9.  Schlock Mercenary.

10.  Writing Excuses.

11.  Making Light.

12.  Reddit.

13.  Google.

This political idiocy feels like the powers that be are thumbing a nose at us and basically saying “Let them eat cake.”

And, well, we all know how that ended…


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