If I could travel in time, what would I visit?

There’s a student competition for artwork sponsored by Google based on this theme.  I thought it looked pretty cool.  Where was Google when I was a youngster?

Doodle 4 Google – Doodle 4 Google.

But beyond that, I thought “Well, hey.  Wouldn’t this be something fun to think about?”

So where would I go and what might I see?

Dinosaurs.  Oh, yeah.  And I saw Jurassic Park, too.  My only concerns would be:  how strong and multi-talented is my vehicle and will I come back in one piece?  But, just imagine what you could see!

What about art?  Would I go see DaVinci or Michaelangelo?  Maybe Jacques Louis David?  What about Frida Khalo or Artemisia Gentileschi?  I’d be sure to take a few translation dictionaries with me as I know few words in Italian or Spanish, and my spoken French is questionable.

Most likely, I would spend an enormous amount of time wandering around the Library of Alexandria.  You know, before all the flame-y destruction.  That would be heaven.  And awesome.

I’m too lippy for my own good, and, being a woman, that’s probably going to get me into trouble across multiple centuries of male dominated society.  The whole demure, ladylike schtick isn’t for me.  So what about going to the future?  [No one said that wasn’t allowed.]

I might travel two hundred years north from now.  I’d be curious to see how the planet is faring and if we are still here–or maybe if we have blown the hell out of ourselves.  I would hope that we were still here on the planet, doing something positive and finding ways to help each other.  I would hope our focus wasn’t on “gimme, gimme” but rather on working toward generosity.

If we were still occupying the planet in 2212, I might skip to the millennium:  3000 AD.  What would be going on then?  Would someone dig out the Prince song, “1999,” from the Wayback Archives?  Would we have conquered the solar system and visited other solar systems?  Would we have found a way to be peaceful among ourselves?  What would travel look like?  Are we taking care of the resources of our planet in a sustainable way?  What kind of books are being written?  Who do we look to as icons defining our world?

And then I’d come home, curl up in my bed with some nice fresh linens and be thankful I was where I was always supposed to be.

**Oh, and happy posthumous birthday to Edgar Allan Poe.**


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