This is the key to writing.

I just read a CNN article on failure recommended by a former prof via Facebook.  Odd how those things one needs to hear just randomly pop up in the strangest places!  Basically, it says what we all know deep down in our bones as writers:  keep writing.

Is it raining outside?  Keep writing.  Is the dryer buzzing?  Keep writing.  Is there a telemarketer on the phone?  Keep writing.  Is the house on fire?  Keep–well, no.  You might want to take care of that.  Then go write.

No one likes your writing?  So what.  Keep writing.

Your S.O./spouse walked out?  Break all the dishes, cut up their clothes, and then keep writing.

You have two broken arms?  So what.  Dictate it.

I am trying to be this awesome, but we’ll have to call it a work in progress.  I do, however, get my butt into the chair often enough to feel happy about it.


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