Inspiration from different artistic mediums

I like to see the results when one creative venture inspires another.  I’m not talking about fan fiction but some kind of alchemy that generates something new.

No one reads the same book.  No one sees the same painting.  No one hears the same song.  Yes, objectively we might read, view, or hear what is presented to us.  However, we color those things with our own ideas, worries, hopes, and experiences.  What I take from those books, paintings, and songs are worlds apart from what you might.

But when that experience inspires new creativity, a whole new world opens up.

I appreciate the artwork of Rima Staines–there is something about the medieval manuscript/folk art feel that speaks to me.  Her blog, The Hermitage, is stunning visually but also well written.

One day, I was goofing about on the web and ran across something about Welcome to Bordertown (2011, eds. Holly Black, Ellen Kushner).  I don’t remember where it was or what it talked about except that it mentioned Amal El-Mohtar’s poem “Stairs in Her Hair” which had been based on a piece of artwork by Rima Staines.  It also linked to a YouTube video where El-Mohtar’s sister (I think) turned the poem into a haunting song.  You can listen here.

What kinds of things inspire you to be creative?


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