A wee bit flibbertigibbet

The files are backed up on an external drive–yay!  I will no longer run the risk of losing my writing and having to begin from scratch.

Today is sunny and I’ve been for a walk in quite enjoyable weather.  While grateful, I am disturbed.  You see, I live in the Great Lakes region.  I’m supposed to be mired three feet deep in snow and suffering with 0 degree temperatures and negative wind chill.  But, no!  It is the end of January and most of the month has been in the 40s.  Half the maple trees in the neighborhood are budding out like they do each spring.  My magnolia bush is budding.  If we have a serious cold snap and snow now, the buds will die and I won’t have flowers this year!  [This is not a happy thought as I love my beautiful magnolia.]

This is also one of those days where I am not going to get any writing done for all the things happening.  Hopefully I will be able to scratch a few lines down before I call it a night.  [It should be noticeable that I could be writing at the moment, but am instead blogging.]

Yeah, Toast!


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