I was given my Kindle as a gift–mostly because I expressed the firm opinion that a book, solid and filled with paper inky goodness, is more awesome than an electronic gizmo.

Have I changed my mind?  Not particularly.

But what do I adore about my Kindle?

  1. I can instantly have whatever book I desire–instant as in a fraction of a second.  I just watch the little icon in the top of the screen go whirly-whirly and *poof*!  I have my book.
  2. I can get gargantuan piles of FREE books!  Amazon has tons of freebies and so does Project Gutenberg.  Free is awesome.
  3. I can get magazines delivered to my Kindle.
  4. I can get LIBRARY BOOKS–really!  From my local library!  Without having to actually drive over to pick it up!
  5. I no longer require a pile of books on my nightstand so precariously balanced that it could, at any moment, topple over and crush my skull.
  6. I can take notes with my Kindle.  While this would be particularly stellar if I were a student again and had an electronic textbook, I still find it useful.
  7. It makes me feel a bit geekier than I really am.  I can pretend to be all tech-knowledgeable instead of tech-idiot (non-savant).

Do I wish it was more book-esque by offering extras like the sound of turning pages and eau de bibliothèque?  Of course.  But I am sure the designers are working on that…


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