An unsuccessful trip to the vet

Ok.  The dog is getting on in years and has been hobbling around with the damp weather, but yesterday he began to favor his front left paw.  And that, in conjunction with shaky back legs, has made it almost impossible for him to get down stairs.  [In our house, that is a problem as access to the backyard requires stairs.]

We had an appointment with the vet today, but the dog refused to get out of the car.  We tried bribery with a dog treat and, not one but two, breakfast sandwiches.  We tried to push and pull him.  We begged.  We whined.  We got cross; a sack of wet sand would have been more pliant.  Not an auspicious start to the morning.

Many people might suggest a simple solution:  Just pick the dog up and carry him out.  At 160 pounds and roughly 6 feet on his hind legs, he’s not exactly arm candy.  And me, well, I’m 5’2″–can you see where this is going?  When he doesn’t want to move, he’s not going anywhere.  And he’ll back that up with sharp, pointy teeth.

[He won’t fully bite, but he will give you a nasty horse pinch.]

So the vet was kind and just gave us some pain killers–which are doing a wonderful job, I might add–and told us to come back tomorrow.

I am NOT looking forward to it.



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