Prescribed: one hour before bed and all afternoon Sunday!

I don’t know what it is, but lately I can’t seem to handle extended periods of reading like I used to.  Since childhood, I’ve been able to pick up a 200-300 page book and have it consumed in one afternoon.  An eternal epic weighing in over a thousand pages?  I might need a day and a half or two–I like my sleep.  I’ve never blinked at books if I wanted to read them…I just read.

Blame it on sleep deprivation.  Blame it on too much computer time.  Blame it on caffeine addiction.

Whatever it is that has caused my reading ADD, I just can’t sit still.  Perhaps I am turning into my workaholic mother who couldn’t sit still either.  There are always ten million more things to be done before bed and even more when I wake in the morning.  Why?  Because the world might fall apart if they are not done.  Grrr.  No one wants to think they are becoming their mother!

So, to turn this around, I am prescribing an hour of reading before bed every night and all afternoon Sundays.  If I can’t get my reading spans back up, how will I ever manage to wear down my ever growing books-to-read list?!

Mantra:  Reading is important, too!


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