Spiders and winter

A spider just walked across my monitor screen.

I’m not having a panic attack or anything because it is about the size of a gnat.  It also isn’t skittering around in that weird stop-lightningfast-stop movement toward me.  Mostly it followed a thread of silk across the top of my monitor like an inverted tightrope walker.

If it had been bigger I might have freaked a bit.  I don’t do spiders well.  My sister has a scar on her wrist where I climbed over her to get away from an aggressive Hobo spider–and that happened when I was in grad school.  She would tell you it wasn’t that big.  I would tell you it was the size of a Buick with glisten-y white shark teeth; it could have eaten me!

I am trying to make peace with my house spiders.  The ones I have here aren’t terrible–they are small and docile and rarely seen unless they are running along the edge of a ceiling.  As long as they keep to their business and stay away from me, they are welcome to anything they might find to eat.  It’s a wary truce:  touch me and die.

If I find a spider that is too close for comfort, I put a glass over it and transport it outside.  I’m trying to be more understanding and less “you must die.”


So winter has come back a bit.  It is cold and it snowed yesterday evening.  It is spitting snow now.

I hope the magnolia doesn’t lose its buds.


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