Playing around

Today I finished my heel flaps on my socks and began with the gusset work!  However, while I was doing that, I was also watching the first two episodes of James May’s Toy Stories on Hulu.

While his goal is to revive toys from before the digital cascade, what struck me was the inventiveness and creativity that occur when someone works with his or her hands.  I particularly enjoyed the flower garden display at the Chelsea Garden Show made entirely of modeling clay!

What might you do if given the chance?

  • Make daisy chains
  • Sand sculpture
  • Build something with salvaged wood bits
  • Sidewalk chalk art
  • Make a kite from scratch
  • Develop a shadow puppet play
  • Basket weaving from found materials

The point?  Go have some fun.  Do something odd and creative.  Let yourself be lost in something that isn’t crucial to your daily existence.  For one afternoon, forget about the housework and the bills and go play.


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