I cannot draw

Yet sketchbooks appeal to me.  My sketchbooks will never win any praise or look “cool.”  I’m ok with that.

I doodle around in sketchbooks because it is FUN!

It doesn’t matter if you are using the holy Moleskine or just an 80¢ college ruled spiral notebook.  All that matters is that you want to play with paint or pencils or markers or glue or scissors or whatever…

The Sketchbook Project is an art project that anyone can participate in.  A selection of themes will be offered at sign up; fill the sketchbook as you please.  You can choose to have it digitized before it tours the country on display.  The next round of sign ups begins in April.

Doodlers Anonymous is a fun outlet for inspiration and creativity.

Urban Sketchers is also an amazing blog to see artist sketches from all over the world.

Does drawing help me hone the craft of writing?  Not in a way that is writing-related.  But it does help me work through brain-knots–places where the writing is stuck–by making me consider an image or an action in a new way.

Consider a scene where several major/minor players are interacting at one time.  A drawing can help choreagraph everything; each character can be stationed to fulfill his or her purpose in that setting.  I get two benefits from this:  1) spotting faulty staging in the text (a character is next to the punchbowl when she needs to be next to the door for her dramatic exit); and 2) opening new possibilities in the storyline (maybe I didn’t know that character A and character J secretly knew each other when A is married to C and J is C’s psychologist).  Yep.  Visual plotting is awesome.

So while my sketchbooks aren’t filled with DaVinci awesomeness, they are helping plot my takeover of imaginary worlds…


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