Umm…NO…with an emphatic BITE ME attached.

Now we are all aware that there are plenty of assholes running around the internet.  We can avoid them easily–you know–with the internet being all virtual and stuff.   Plus, you can turn it OFF.

But now the assholes are your employers and educational institutions (Currently this is only affecting student athletes, but look at the writing on the wall, folks!  It won’t be too long before it encompasses all students and, likely, teachers.) And they want to puppeteer your social media presence!  One of my friends found this article on MSNBC and, funnily enough, posted it to Facebook.

I cannot believe that my occasional post on FB or my “prize” posts from FB games would be that important.  I do not share pictures.  I do not post personal information.  The people who know me already have that stuff available to them because I have a personal relationship with them.  Mostly, I use FB to play games.

Even though I have nothing potentially incriminating–barring a picture from Jr. High where a friend tagged me (seriously, the hair–good god!)–anywhere on FB or the web in general, I would walk out of an interview if asked to provide the interviewer (or employer) access.  Would it even stop there?  Perhaps the next step will be to invade and search a home as a prerequisite to employment.  I don’t do so well as a puppet…as I’m a little less Pinocchio and a lot more Lady Purple.**

Maybe this feeling stems from my mother’s Libertarian streak or my innate contrariness.  Maybe it just means that someone needs to be knocked upside the head with the Constitution.  But, after all the recent meshugaas about women’s health care and birth control and Rush Limbaugh and the entire GOP needing to be walled away in some forgotten tower, I have had it.  I am calling for a time-out.  Everyone playing in the sandbox of authority needs a hard march to the woodshed where someone is waiting to give them a good switchin’.

Barring that, I await the revolution.  Go ahead, just try to tell me to eat cake…

**”The Loves of Lady Purple” by Angela Carter


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