Geez, Louise!

I can’t believe it is above 80 today!  And it is supposed to be in the mid to upper 70s until the end of next week.  Holy June, Batman!  Normally we are hovering in the low 40s–and NO ONE is mowing their lawn.

Apparently that is not the case this year.

I planted my tomatoes and peppers in their little peat cups this afternoon and left them outside to soak up the wonderful sun.  I also started some pumpkin seeds, but I don’t know if they will take to being “started” or if I just have to plant them in the ground.  I thought I’d test that out.

Sometimes I forget how warm the south side of my house is.  I started out in a long sleeve shirt and ended up in a tank top.  I swear the south side of my house could give lessons on being hot-as-hell.  It does, however, make a spectacular place to grow lavender.  [And ditch lillies, but they grow everywhere.]

I don’t have the urge to pull out the lawn mower quite yet, but we’ve had plenty of rain and humid weather and everything else is sprouting up fast.  It won’t be long–early April, I suspect–when I will have to suck it up like a good little buttercup and mow.

Tomorrow, I may tackle the garden and the burn pile.


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