Classics Club: first thoughts on Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd

It has been a very LONG time since I have picked up a book written so densely with description.  This is NOT your modern novel and I’m not quite sure it would have made it through the current publishing process fully intact.  And I do love the descriptions of the stars and their movement across the sky…

Well, the GoodReads counter has me listed at about a quarter of the way through the book.  Although the chapters are not terribly long, I can only read a chapter or two at a time before needing to run off and do something else.  This isn’t for want of enjoying the book but more for being unaccustomed to how the book moves.  I am out of practice.

I think I am very glad I began with this book before I tackled some of the others on my list!

On a side note:  a copy of Clarissa will be waiting for me at the library today! Sadly, the last time it was checked out was May 2008.  I guess that just means I will have very little competition when it comes to renewing the book!  Yay.


One thought on “Classics Club: first thoughts on Hardy’s Far From the Madding Crowd

  1. I started with Tess but FFtMC is my absolute favorite. My favorite excerpt is of the sheep shearing in the barn. If you haven’t reached it yet, I think you’ll know it when you get there. It just might be my favorite passage in all of the literature that I’ve read so far.

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