I’m so terribly cheaty!

A few of us in the Classics Club are doing a month-long read of Samuel Richardson’s novel Clarissa in April.

Well, I got a bit too antsy and snuck a peek at the character list.  And then I skimmed the preliminary notes.  Then, paying no attention to the fact that it was still March, I read the first letter!

Oh I am such a naughty girl.

I have never been particularly good about waiting for anything.  Waiting is never part of the “fun” for me.  Waiting is torture.  Waiting brings anxiety.  Waiting is too much.

So, yes, dear Classics Club friends, I am a cheaty pants.  But I am pretty sure I will enjoy the novel now as I was able to ascertain that the writing was easy and the voice of the first letter compelling.

My new concern is getting behind the allotted 50 page/day requirement to complete the book…


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