Plotting out my April reading

I know planning for something is usually a way to beg the powers-that-be to come and screw everything up.  But, I also want to stop flying by the seat of my Classics Club pants!  So I have taken on the task of developing a plan centered around April’s reading.





The Desert Spear

Peter V. Brett


Clarissa (April read-along).  Other books: The Fourth Bear, HP3, The Wise Man’s Fear

Samuel Richardson.  Jasper Fforde.  J. K. Rowling.  Patrick Rothfuss.






Jane Austen


Vanity Fair

William Makepeace Thackaray

I did not want to push farther out than this.  If I dared reach too far, the plan would go astray whenever the whim took me to read something off-plan!  (See flibbertigibbet).

Planning to get through the whole of April reading only one book seemed a bit dangerous to me–there can never be just one!  This particular book is one giant slab-o’-text, and I will have to listen to audiobooks as a break away from it.  It is also highly probable that a fourth audiobook will be listened to during April–most likely, the 4th HP book (as I am re-reading the whole series).

I am also trying to locate my copy of Why Read? by Mark Edmundson this morning.  I swore it was on one of the shelves in my bedroom, but it isn’t.  It didn’t even fall behind the nightstand or the bed.  It isn’t on the shelves in the office either.  So my next places to look are: the shelves in the living room and the built-in shelves in the rec room.  Wish me luck!


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