My eyes might be bigger than my brain…

I was so terribly excited for today to roll around and really start reading Clarissa by Samuel Richardson.  But, now…

Dear heaven, what am I doing?

The novel is quite entertaining so far…in the first 25 pages.  It reminds me of a cross between Clueless and Romeo & Juliet.  I can’t imagine that it is a new concept to parents that forbidding something makes it ever so much more appealing.  Had they but left the girl to her own opinions…but no.  What story would there be if the family had been sensible?

But, the book–holy cow!

There are roughly 1500 pages in the Penguin edition.  Each page is razor thin and the print is small.  I did a few calculations.  At roughly 14.6 words per line on 48 lines per page, there are about 700.8 words per page.  Over the 1460 page length, it gives us over 1 million words.  Please note that this count does not include the notes or additional materials.

Will I make it?

I can feel my brain realizing this may be a much greater challenge than it supposed.  My eyes will be duely punished for their greed.


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