…and I was sucked into it…

Amazon!  **shaking fist**

Do you know how long it has been since I bought a book–a physical book?  Too damn long.  Mostly I have been reading out of my own considerable stash and also that of the local library.  It usually works just fine–particularly with interlibrary loan being available.  What doesn’t pop up (providing it is old enough) I can usually find free via my Kindle or through Project Gutenberg.

However, Clarissa is a special kind of book.  It is so large that it is in multiple files for e-book format–and that just annoys me.  My loaner out of the library–while it hasn’t been checked out since 2008–is due back on April 10th and I don’t want to have to send it back and then re-check it out the next day because that, too, is annoying.  So I broke down and purchased my own copy.

The other book I picked up (because there can never be just ONE!) is a copy of John Ford’s ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore and Other Plays.  I found no listing for it in Gutenberg nor was a copy of the play in my local library!

Reminder to self:  buying two books is moderation.


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