Looking for a new camera

I know nothing about photography or cameras.  I can handle the point and click and zoom–and mostly that is the extent of my photo genius.

The other day I was taking pictures and suddenly the picture went dark.  I didn’t touch anything or play with the contrast.  It was cloudy outside but by no means dark at 1 in the afternoon yet the pictures came out almost totally black!

Here’s an edited image of the fledgling doves under the picnic table.  I had to amp the brightness up (way up!) in a photo editing program just to be able to see anything.  [Even with the brightness I can just barely make out the doves dead center–and maybe that’s only because I know what I am looking at.]

So I am a bit irritated about the whole thing.  How does a camera just stop taking normal pictures?!

I will be researching new cameras tonight–something that isn’t going to cost me an arm and a leg.  There has to be something out there that is easy and takes pretty amazing pictures…even for an inexperienced photographer like me.


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