Go make a mess!

Ok.  I found SuziBluTube a while ago when looking for something fun and creative to do.  So let me share…

You can find her YouTube videos here.

I love acrylics and mixed media and ink.  I’m not so hot on the smudgy stuff:  pastels, graphite, charcoal.  The smudgy stuff makes me hate it for the same reasons I hate foundation makeup–it clings to my skin with a terrible film.  And, yes, all the things I love make messes just as well as the dusty stuff…

Mess is important.  Mess is a sign of wildness and passion.  Mess is art.

I have yet to meet a rigidly mess-free artist.  Any art space is filled with clutter–even if that clutter is put away after the project is finished–the doing of art is not neat.

Go find something that inspires you to make a mess today.  Heck, grab a piece of paper out of the printer and make flowers with the stack of pens and highlighters in the cup on the desk.  Make little hand turkeys like you did in kindergarten.  Get some plaster and cast your footprints.  Bend a bunch of paperclips into a sculpture and dress it in sticky notes.

Have fun!


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