Oh, retail therapy, how I adore you…

Sometimes it is just awesome to be a girl.

I went to lunch with my sister and splurged on a scoop of pistachio gelato.  Then we spent the afternoon playing at Barnes & Noble (where, much to the shock of the entire universe, I did not purchase a book) and Sephora (where I did make a few purchases).

While I went into Sephora only to goof around and to get my sister to replace my favorite moisturizer that she snitched, I also ended up with a new Supernatural powder and an awesome mascara!  What can I say?  Vanity can be fun (and colorful).

What I really wanted was a new perfume, but I couldn’t find anything that really made me say yes.  My favorite perfume is a cherry blossom scent from Guerlain but it has proven difficult to locate.


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