Slowed to a crawl…by a book!

I know the month is not yet over, but I concede defeat.

The victory goes to Samuel Richardson with his giant tome, Clarissa.  With the 264 years of “in print”ness, this book is a feat of super-genius which has seriously outclassed my reading muscles this month!

Do not mistake my defeat as a fault with the book.  The story is quite fascinating and infuriating.  To be honest, with all the recent political jackassery against women, the issues of control and independence seem to be quite relevant.

My faulting point happened because the story hit a few personal buttons and I can’t just zip through it.  These are the same buttons that made me throw Robin Hobb’s book, Ship of Magic, across the room [that trilogy is one of my favorites, btw].  Because this is written in an epistolary style (by letters), it is difficult to obtain a break from the immediacy of the situation–those buttons are continually pressed.  The only option is to walk away from the book itself.

Am I going to continue to make my way through this book?  Absolutely.  Will it take me quite a while to do it?  I am convinced it might take the better part of a year depending on how situations are handled and if there are resolving points.  I am under no illusion that this book will end well–there is no possible outcome which will satisfy anyone–and that, as we often see in Shakespeare, definitely ends in tragedy.

When plotting out my April reading, I also wanted to complete a few other books:  The Fourth Bear, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, and The Wise Man’s Fear.  I did finish Fforde’s The Fourth Bear.  I am almost finished with HP3 and about halfway through Rothfuss.  Both will be finished by the end of the month.  I also picked up a copy of N.K. Jemisin’s The Kingdom of Gods which is the last book in the Inheritance Trilogy.

I am supposed to kick off May with Austen’s Persuasion.  After the Clarissa problems, a nice smooth Austen should read just fine.


2 thoughts on “Slowed to a crawl…by a book!

  1. Jillian ♣

    I admittted defeat several days ago. I love the book, but it’s too much in thirty days. Enjoy Persuasion! I craved Austen too, While reading Richardson. 🙂

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