Find a dream

I have a not-so-secret love of all science; it never ceases to delight me when a scientist finds something new, something amazing.  But I carry a deep and abiding adoration for all things space (which is AWESOME in all capital letters!)

A friend shared this video on Facebook the other day and it made me both sad about the focus of the country and inspired by the suggestion of Neil DeGrasse Tyson to bring a potential-filled future into being.  Inspiration is always the strongest influence for any change because it involves HOPE.

Isn’t all of our socio-political rhetoric for the last 200 years about a love of freedom?  What could be more representative of freedom than space–you know, what with all the neverending [as in you will never cross it in a thousand lifetimes kind of big] black filled with bright sparklies and whizzing space ice and things we haven’t even imagined yet.  Space is expansive.  Space is wonderous.  Space is our home.

I dare you to listen to this and not feel like you’d send your piggy bank to NASA.

Wouldn’t you like to dream?


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