I am being a bad library patron

I love my local library.  It is just one branch of the town system, but it is homey and my librarians know me.  If I want something and it isn’t found in the local area, they bend over backwards to locate a copy.  They are wonderful!

However, I find myself in a small–not insignificant–quandary for an avid reader.  I am slowly working through a book currently three days overdue and I am having trouble finishing it with any kind of speed.  I am enjoying the story, but something in me just isn’t swallowed up by the book–which seems to be, lately, what my body demands in order to justify the attention span spent on reading.

Can I blame this on spring fever?  I don’t want to sit still; I hate being inside.  My sleep cycle is readjusting to wake me for the ever-earlier sunrise.  You’d think with the extra hours I spend awake that I’d make time to read…but no.  I am all flibbertigibbet!

So my dilemma is:  do I do the smart thing and return the book (as someone is waiting for it) or do I selfishly try to muddle through before the weekend?


5 thoughts on “I am being a bad library patron

  1. Libraries contribute to this by keeping their fees so low. I have returned long overdue books, ready for the painful bill, but it turns out to be like a $2.75. Overdue fees need to be more painful. Don’t libraries need money?

    1. Yes. I agree. My library even has a program for kids under 18 to “read away the fees” each summer! They have to check in/out with a librarian and, I believe, read for an hour per day of fines. So, if the fee is 10 cents the kid has to read for an hour in the library. This is awesome for making kids read, but not so hot for funding the library…

  2. haha, I love Carpetbagger’s response, we’ve talked about this before. And your post brought up an some interesting thoughts I’ve been having. I recently switched to an e-reader (so e-library books) which you can’t keep after the date so I DO finish them on time – but I find I’ve been missing my relationships with my local librarians lately.

    I know there are a lot of people with a lot of big problems out there (I have them too) – but I think library book stress is a real thing!

    That’s a long way of saying, I have no words of advice for your conundrum

    1. While I love being able to get library books via Kindle, I have only borrowed a few. My library doesn’t really have a good selection of books; they seem mainly focused on grocery-store romance novels and current biographies–which is fine if that is what you want to read.

      I ended up taking the book back and I will check it out again later so I can finish. 🙂

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