What a way to spend a day…

I may have jury duty tomorrow…but not if the defendant pleads out.  Keep your fingers crossed.

I have always been under the impression that jury duty was decided when your name was tossed into a hat–along with all other eligible county citizens–and chosen at random.  Then, if you were summoned, your name went into some kind of “time out” box until the remaining potentials in the jury pool were depleted (so everyone got a fair shake at being selected).  What an idiot I must be to think that these things are done in a fair and impartial way!

Neither of my parents were ever called for jury duty.  Well, technically, my dad was summoned several years after his death (and that shouldn’t count).  But after being back in the county less than a decade, I am on my SECOND go-round in five years.

To this I say: “What the hell?”

The population here is just shy of two hundred thousand…and roughly 70% of that consists of people over 18.  That means there are potentially 140,000 people eligible for the jury pool.  Even if I cut half of that out to account for people who cannot participate for whatever reason (felonies, physical incapability, non-local residents like college kids, etc…), that still leaves a pool of 70 thousand potential jurors.

Can someone explain how I got to be so damned lucky?


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