Camp (sans mosquitoes!)

For all you folks who need a good kick in the pants to write (involving deadlines, word counts, and nagging friends) and you just can’t wait for November to roll around, head on out to camp!

Camp Nanowrimo is being held in both June and August this summer.  What better way to encourage your daily writing than to have your word counts on public display!

There is still time to sign up for either session.  The first session begins June 1st.  And, then, if you are crazy enough (like I might be), the second round begins August 1st.  Imagine it: 100,000 words in a mere two months!

Join me!


One thought on “Camp (sans mosquitoes!)

  1. I’m glad you’ve posted this – it’s so so tempting. I “finished” my NaNo novel in November, but it badly needs re-writing (it’s a terrible novel!). This is… yes, very very tempting…. Good luck with yours!

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