I absolutely adore peonies–they are so beautiful.  I would have them everywhere if it weren’t for the ants.  That was the one thing my mother impressed on me about peonies:  plant them away from the house because of the ants.

Here are the two bushes of white peonies I currently have:

And here are two gorgeous red peonies I just bought:

I don’t think they’ll bloom this year, but they will be stunning next spring.  I am very excited!

Ok.  I am off to plant some salvia and speedwell.  But to tide you over…have a bearded iris:


3 thoughts on “Peonies!

  1. I love peonies, too. It’s funny, my mum always says you need the ants to open the peony buds, but really you don’t – they just love the sweet nectar that is produced. The ants aren’t harmful though.

  2. Peonies… we have a few bushes (white and a bright pinl/purple) and love them… but you are right about the ants. Luckly they are far away from our house. They smell so good and make good cut flowers if you can get all the ants out 😉

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