7 days….gaaaahhhhhhh!

One week.  7 days, 5 hours, 20 minutes and some seconds.  173 hours.


I’ve got the novel-on-a-deadline jitters.

I did a whole fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants thing last November and that turned out alright.  I had a vague idea, a few names, and squat for any long-term story arc.  When I was done, I felt quite pleased (and a bit smug).

Now, I’ve got full characters and a semi-coherent outline for where I want the whole book to end up.  Technically, I should be able to write from segments in the outline.  But will that happen?  Probably not.  Why?  Because, knowing myself like I do, I will decide forty pages in that X must die.  And, then, after X dies it will cause a cascade of events that rolls me completely out of my plotted arc!  At that point, the whole book will be up for grabs…

I don’t really worry about the roughly 1700 word count per day (1667, technically) as I can natter on without much of a problem.  And usually after day 3 or 4, writing the novel becomes routine and the pages just flow by.

Am I anxious for it to start so the waiting can be done?  Yes.

Will I lose sleep the night before Camp begins?  Definitely.

Will I make it to the end?  We’ll see…


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