Trouble so early…

Usually I have no problem writing for Nanowrimo, but that does not seem to be the case for my experience for Camp Nanowrimo.  I am stymied by the weather and allergies and the desire to do everything else!

I couldn’t manage my 1700 words yesterday; I ended up about 400 short.  It was all about the apathy yesterday–bad, bad me!

The stat marker had 6666 words listed as the benchmark for Day 4.  Instead of doing my usual slog at the computer, I went outside with a notebook and pen to write by hand.  It did wonders for my mind and brought new life to the story.  I didn’t feel as pent up as I do sitting in an office watching the birds and flowers from the window…  I managed 2151 words today and have crossed the writing threshold at 6737.

Maybe if I try speed writing first thing in the morning I won’t feel so confined and pressured by the nice weather…



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