I am an idiot.

I have no idea what happened to my brain today, but apparently it took a vacation without notifying me of its absence…

I locked myself out of the house.

When I went out front to mow, I brought the dog in from the back yard…and–without thinking–locked the back door.  I almost NEVER do this during the day as the dog plays his little in/out game so often that it is easier to leave the sliding door unlocked.

Then, while outside I needed something from the trunk of the car, so I pushed open the front door and grabbed the key tab to pop the trunk, set the keys down, and exited again.  Perhaps it is an OCD manifestation of which I am unaware, but–although I’d swear I did not do this–it seems I reached in and locked the bottom lock before closing the door.

Please note, I am hot and sweaty from mowing and can’t get into the house.

I had to dig a ladder out of the garage and haul it to the one window I know is unlocked:  my bedroom.  Do you know how uncomfortable it is to have to squeeze through a window onto an open-topped bookshelf covered by books and knick-knacks toward a cat who now sees you as the spawn of Satan as you have disturbed her sleep and tried to climb less than gracefully into her presence?  Despite the fact that I have two legs, I managed to fall on my ass off the bookshelf.  The cat will now not look at me–I am to be shunned until she requires her daily quota of adoration.

Needless to say I will not be making my debut as a burglar any time soon…


2 thoughts on “I am an idiot.

  1. I have (twice) locked my wife out of the house by leaving for work when I knew she was walking the dog. I just go into robot mode and always lock the door. Suffice it to say, this does not lead to domestic tranquility. She has to jump fences in the backyards to jimmy a back window — with the dog.

    After two incidents, I think I’ve finally learned my lesson.

    1. After my experience, I can sympathize with your wife. 🙂

      But it is such an automatic thing to lock a door. I’m surprised I don’t find myself locked out more often…

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