My reading habits

I stole these questions from Jillian over at A Room of One’s Own and she got them from Becca at I Read That Once…

Do you snack while you read? If so, favourite reading snack:

I don’t usually snack while I am reading.  A good book–one that sucks me in for hours upon hours–can make me forget about absolutely everything until it is done.  The only thing I may consider is a drink or two of water during a bathroom break.  If I am hungry, I also take advantage of my break to grab something quick and easy like a banana or a peanut butter sandwich…but I don’t take them back to eat while reading.

What is your favourite drink while reading?

I don’t drink while reading.  I take breaks and have something then.  Even if I have a glass of something next to me, I will completely forget all about it.

Do you tend to mark your books as you read, or does the idea of writing in books horrify you?

It depends on why I am reading the book.  If the book is just for light reading I hate the thought of marking in it.  However, if I am reading the book for examination then I do underline passages and make occasional comments in the margins–but always in pencil.  Textbooks are different–I will write in pen or pencil and I have no problems using markers and highlighters either.

How do you keep your place while reading a book? Bookmark? Dog-ears? Laying the book flat open?

No dog eared books for me!  The practice drives me nuts.  I most often use a bookmark–even a makeshift bookmark like ripped notebook paper–to guide me back to my place.  I do leave a book open and face down if I am taking a quick pause to deal with something obnoxious that requires my immediate attention (like the dog getting into the garbage).

Fiction, non-fiction, or both?

All of the above.

Are you a person who tends to read to the end of a chapter, or can you stop anywhere?

Mostly I prefer to stop at chapter endings.  However, if I am called away or can’t keep my eyes open, then I will stop wherever.

Are you the type of person to throw a book across the room or on the floor if the author irritates you?

Been there, done that.  However, I have since found out what issues poke my buttons and can now just walk away from the book as necessary without much of a tantrum.  Although sometimes it is difficult to return…see Clarissa.

If you come across an unfamiliar word, do you stop and look it up right away?

The only time I will look up something right away is if I can neither infer meaning from the context of the sentence nor glean meaning from the root of the word.  All others can be looked up for specifics later.

What are you currently reading?

  • A Scream Goes Through the House by Arnold L. Weinstein
  • Le Rouge et Le Noir by Stendhal (also in translation by Catherine Slater)

What is the last book you bought?

The Red and the Black by Stendhal (as translated by Catherine Slater, Oxford World Classics)

Do you have a favourite time/place to read? 

I’m usually an afternoon/evening reader, but if it’s a book I am sucked into–everything is fair game.

Do you prefer series books or stand alones? 

No preference…but I do grow bored with a lingering series and will eventually stop following it.

Is there a specific book or author you find yourself recommending over and over?

When asked for recommendations, I usually consider the person who has asked.  I want to know what he or she is looking for and what they expect from the book.  Rarely do I find the person to be wanting the same things as I do from a book, but I make suggestions accordingly.  However, if the person asks me what I have liked reading, well, that is a whole different kettle of fish…

How do you organize your books? (by genre, title, author’s last name, etc.)

According to one of my grad school profs, everyone in the creative arts has OCD–severity depends on the individual.  My bookshelves are one of the places I think it is true.  My shelves are organized by poetry, fiction, memoir, reference books and dictionaries, and school text books.  Within these shelves, the books are organized by size (tallest on left to shortest on right).


One thought on “My reading habits

  1. Jillian ♣

    Oh, dear. I think I may be the opposite of OCD. I’ve read too that “book lovers” are all shades of finicky about books. (No dog-ears, preserve the spine, etc.) I’m not that way at all. Perhaps I should be in another field. 😆

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