Camp Update: Nano, Day 22

It is Day 22 of Camp Nanowrimo and I am officially off the map without a clue.

One would think that walking in with a fairly solid idea about major characters and a strong outline would be beneficial in churning out some writing.  But, no…not for me.  I think that this might be a manifestation of my intense dislike for all things binding:  rules, dictated ideas, assignments, orders.  As a contrary being, I guess I am doomed to be a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants writer.

I’m ok with that.

While the pantser writing is a rush, it doesn’t always provide a clear road of what is ahead.  I am writing in fragments as the ideas occur to me and writing in the document notes section on the side [I’m using Scrivener for Windows] if an idea is off the beaten path from what I am writing that day.   It is going to take some serious work to knit the fragments together–and maybe certain pieces won’t fit the story I want to tell.  I can live with that; the creation process is enjoyable all the same.

  • Where am I supposed to be today?  36,666 words.
  • Where am I really?  37,122 words (and I haven’t written yet today).
  • Will I finish on time?  Surprisingly, yes!

During the last update, I discussed my non-participating cabinmates.  Well, I have since jumped ship and been re-located into another cabin where everyone is talking–if not necessarily cranking out material to meet word count.  This cabin is a big improvement!  It really is helpful to have chatty cabinmates to keep you motivated and happy.  🙂

Do I think I will do this again in August?  Probably not.  I am a light-time girl and I need to soak up as much sun as I can before the gloom of winter makes me feel like a potato.  I’d rather be outside doing things than stuck inside–no matter the time of day–to write.  After this I will most likely stick to the black gloom of Novembers for my novel-mania!


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