Bonjour, mes amis!

So it is now 1 July and the Camp Nanowrimo madness is complete and I have a few weeks of break left.  On to the challenge:  Le Rouge et le Noir by Stendhal.

Will I power through this easily?  I am not sure that will happen as I am trying to muddle through the original French with as little help from a translation as possible.  Also, this IS summer and I am at my most flibbertigibbety with so much daylight.

Why did I choose this book?  I read it as a teenager and remember being bowled over; few books ever impacted me the way it had.  To be honest, I now remember very little about the story itself other than my emotional impressions.  This time I would like to be able to read the book and view it with a more critical eye.  Was my original assessment of the novel due to my own teen-angst?  Will the book renew its significance in my reading life?  Whatever it said to me all those years ago made an important shift in how I understood books and what they were meant to do for a reader.  I owe it to this novel to read its pages with care and consideration, letting myself again be influenced.

Au revoir!  I have a date with Julian.


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