Book lust

I must avoid looking at books.

With an overflowing to-be-read list, many of them already sitting quietly on my bookshelves, how will I manage them all?  Right now, I get through about sixty books a year without trying–and that does not include cook books, gardening books, knitting and other crafty-type books, or any periodicals (all of which make up a significant portion of my reading).  In an ideal world, I would manage 100 or more books a year, but I am not yet that awesome.

Today I was playing around on Amazon and found twenty new books I want to either borrow at the library or purchase my own copy.  Bad, bad me!  My Goodreads list is already at 235.  That covers 72 remaining Classics Club books, 111 alternate classics (in case of a switch), and 52 contemporary novels.  And I want to add twenty more?

I must be a magpie.

It reminds me of a comic strip I saw on Pinterest:

Am I truly this bad…only with books?  Are Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Powell’s just dreadful eye-candy?  Oh, for the book gluttony…


One thought on “Book lust

  1. I think I even have more books on my GR To-Read shelf. I can’t resist adding more to the pile, and even when I go to bookshops, I keep buying new ones that I never even had the intention of buying!

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