Stumbling into a book when you didn’t mean to…

Ok.  I was meandering through the Project Gutenberg book lists when I stumbled across a book I haven’t read since I was twelve:  Anne of Green Gables.  So what did I do?  I opened the file and began to read.

I only meant to read for a few minutes.

But then I found myself on Chapter 10 and so sucked in I forgot to care…my only goal was to get through the book.  And, here I am, done.

Shouldn’t I be doing something more patriotic on the 4th of July?  Barbecue?  Watermelon?  Splashing in a pool?  [No fireworks this year–we’ve got a fireworks ban because of the tinderbox vegitation.]  Actually, I’m not fussed.  As of writing this (near 7:30 pm) it is still 98 degrees outside.

I love this book as much now as I did when I was twelve.  Sometimes there is a comfort in knowing that a book I adored as a child can still impress me and move me as much now as it did then.  I felt the thrills of her achievements and the horrible sadness of the death of Matthew Cuthbert.  I remember being just as dreamy and unattentive to reality–though considerably less chatty; my imagination was my best friend as I was an only child until I was seven.

This book is definitely a must read for everyone.  We all have something in common with Anne and can find solace in both her drive to improve herself and her wild misadventures.  We’ve all had these moments.  What I really like is that Anne, while striving to be a better person, does not always manage it.  For example, she just can’t like the hateful Josie Pye even if she has to tolerate her.  She isn’t always successful at curtailing her temper or shelving her pride.

I don’t care that this is a novel written for younger readers.  Any book that can make me feel something–whether I laugh out loud or cry–is a book well worth the time spent pouring over it.  Granted, this is a fast read, but it speaks to a place inside that isn’t often touched by many books.

Perhaps I will spend the rest of the evening reading Anne of Avonlea!


3 thoughts on “Stumbling into a book when you didn’t mean to…

    1. I was meaning to look for The Mysteries of Udolpho that you recommended but I fell into this instead! It was such a wonderful side trip! Have fun with Anne of Avonlea…

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