A book pool, maybe?

To be considered:  Combining my defined Classics Club list of 75 with my ever-growing Alternate Classics list currently at 119 books.

Reading by the pantser-method makes me wander far and wide in my book selections.  Rarely do I stay in a particular vein–by era or genre or author–for too long because I am driven by mood and curiosity rather than anything resembling a methodical approach to literature.  Given the freedom of a broad list that is ever-expanding, it is likely I will read more than my chosen 75 books in 3 years.

My list will be close to 200 books (with unlimited growth potential).  This should keep me hopping for some time to come–even in my reading after the Classics Club!

I might include a list of secondary reading materials that coincide with novels and authors.  I know several members of the Classics Club read other materials in conjunction with a novel.  While I have never been a fan of biographies, I may be inclined to make an exception or two.  I do appreciate personal letters and memoirs; histories and genre discussion are also interesting.  This might appeal to my wanting-to-know-everything-all-at-once-ness.  I am leary, however, of letting that information color my opinion of a novel–so perhaps I will novel first and read secondary materials later to see how it alters my opinion of the book in question or the author.

Shall I pepper through a perpetually dynamic list rather than confining myself to a static one?

I think I shall.


One thought on “A book pool, maybe?

  1. Jillian ♣

    I love this idea! I too am a pantser, and I love the idea of a secondary, ever-changing list from which I shall also read. I need to create this and get going! Because I feel guilty forever hopping off my club list! 😀

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