Half a year in…

I’ve never really kept tabs on my reading before so I thought I’d give it a shot to see my results.

  • Books completed from January to June, 2012:  18
  • Books begun but not yet finished:  4
  • Pages read: 8011
  • Average book length:  445 pages
  • Classics Club selections:  3 completed, 1 reading
  • Major genre:  fantasy

Considering I need to read 75 classics by March 15, 2015, I’m not doing such a bang-up job.  In theory, I should be reading 12.5 classic books from my list every six months.  YIKES!  I need to zoom along!

Did I know that fantasy literature made up the majority of my literary diet?  Yes.  It seems to be what calls to me most over the last few years.

Am I happy with my current reading tally?  Yes.

How is the second half of the year shaping up?  Not too bad.  I have already completed the first two Anne of Green Gables novels (yesterday and today) and will probably rip through the rest of them before the end of July.  I will be finishing Stendhal’s The Red and the Black.  At some point this month I will also tackle Ann Radcliffe’s The Mysteries of Udolpho which will lead me directly into Austen’s Northanger Abbey for Austen in August before I tackle Pride and Prejudice.  So, by the end of August, I should have at least another 12 books to add to my Year 1 total!  That will mean I only need another ten classics by December…

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