Hooray! I managed all ten. Oh…! Does that make me bad?

The Broke and the Bookish proposed a “bookish confessions” for the Top 10 Tuesday list today…

Here are my confessions:

  1. I correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation in books.  While I might feel a bit miffed about the occasional non-standard grammar and punctuation for older books (anything before 1850), I will survive it.  The worst torture comes from books published in the last 20 years that have multiple mistakes and unforgivable grammar.  Does no one proofread anymore?
  2. I am a snob.  I know I shouldn’t do it, but I judge what others read.  My biggest snert involve readers who center around “two-penny trash” novels–what I call those bookstore Fabio romances–to the exclusion of all else and consider it great literature.  It isn’t that I begrudge anyone a cheap thrill now and again or even an occasional brainless beach-read, but, please, weave more substantial things in and out of your book consumption.
  3. I am not totally enamored of my Kindle.  I love the convenience for certain situations and the fact that the weight of the contained books will never break a bookshelf, but a physical book is better.  I spend enough time every day looking at a computer screen.  And where is the lovely book smell?
  4. I evaluate audiobook reader performance.  This makes me a real bitch and I don’t care.  As an English teacher, I correct students when they handle words inappropriately; I expect the audio-production crew for a book to be no less diligent in their task:  1)  Make sure the reader pronounces the words correctly.  2)  Make sure the reader correctly pronounces place names:  a)  In the case of a real place, make sure you get it right as it can be verified; and b)  If it is an imaginary place, check with the author on pronunciation.  3)  Make sure the reader is following the inflections of the text rather than making it up as they go along.
  5. I hate reading books in a chair–even a squishy chair.  I am a lazy reader.  I have to be sprawled out somewhere on the floor or on a bed.  And, sprawl really means mostly starfish-like on my belly.  I prefer to be on top of the covers surrounded by pillows and a throw nearby in case of chill.
  6. Dog-ears.  I want to swat people with a ruler when I see them dog-ear pages of books instead of using bookmarks.  It has happened.  My sister no longer dares to do such things to my books…
  7. I’m a bit OCD.  My books are aranged by type, genre, and height (tallest on left to shortest on right).
  8. I accidentally kept a library book from college.  I still have it.
  9. More OCD.  If I begin purchasing a series, they must all be identical in format.  If I begin with the first-edition hardbacks, all must be the same.  If I begin with a paperback, they must all be from the same publisher and cover-set.  I can’t stand to see a set in multiple formats or cover sets.
  10. I refuse to read Moby Dick.  I hate Melville.  I guess that isn’t particularly fair as I never knew the man, but I really despise his writing.  After reading his novellas and other shorter works, I found each to be a progressively tedious vacu-suck of time; thank God that I managed through both my undergraduate and graduate degrees to avoid being assigned MD.  I will support anyone who cares to take on such never-ending boredom, but I cannot accept such a challenge as there are umpteen zillion other books just waiting to be explored.

I am sure that I have other issues as well, but those shall have to remain secret for now.


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