Austen in August: out of time…

This month went by too fast!

Austen in August has been great fun.  I finally managed to finish Pride and Prejudice which is something that should have been done ages ago!  That was my biggest hurdle for the month so I feel quite pleased with myself.

I will most likely not finish Northanger Abbey before midnight tonight as I have a stack of student papers to grade instead.  My one concern:  I do wish I had a book copy of NA.  I was reading it online (Project Gutenberg) before I grabbed a copy for my Kindle.  And, while I can highlight and take notes on my Kindle, I do find a hard copy of a book to be my preferable medium for such things.  However, I do think this will turn out to be my absolute favorite Austen novel, even with its rough edges.

From the library

I managed several of the essays out of the compilation, A Truth Universally Acknowledged.  I will probably pick that one back up from the library as it was interesting to see what different writers think of Austen.

Jane Austen’s Guide to Good Manners.  It was cute but not exactly what I expected, so I just flipped through.  If you are confused by certain behaviors in Austen’s books, you might get a chance to understand what and why it happens.  To me, the snippets out of Austen’s letters and books just read like common sense and didn’t really illuminate anything of which I was unaware.

I didn’t get to Austen’s collected letters before having to return it.  I will definitely check those out again.

Both Emma and Sense and Sensibility are in my audiobook files on my computer and I will begin listening to those soon.

The rest

Eventually, I will get around to Mansfield Park–hopefully before the end of the year–and then I will have made my way through all of Austen’s major works.  That would make me feel like I had really accomplished something.  If I can do that, I may try to get through all of Dickens next year!

Even though I didn’t quite finish the second book this month, I still loved Austen in August.  I had a chance to see what others thought about the author and the books.  It makes me wonder if this isn’t a better method of experiencing and discussing literature than a traditional classroom…

Ok.  So that’s my last two cents for the month.  😀  Have a glorious weekend.


One thought on “Austen in August: out of time…

  1. So glad you were able to participate! I won’t be able to finish my last Austen text, either (Mansfield Park) but I’m happy with what I did get through. You should DEFINITELY get a physical copy of Northanger Abbey… I’ve read almost all of Austen’s work, now, and it’s still my favorite. 🙂

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