Hodge Podge Monday

It’s a Hodge-Podge Monday.

1.  Northanger Abbey.  Still reading…

2.  Dr. Who.  Ok, I feel like I am the only person on the planet who has never seen Dr. Who.  Happily I can now watch it on Amazon Prime!  Did I know what it was?  Yes.  I’m watching Season 5 now (2010) and I’m not quite sure I like this version of the Doctor.  I really adored David Tennant.  Maybe Matt Smith will grow on me?  Please say yes.

3.  Fail Notes.  There comes a time during every class when I have to send notes to students about the mathematical impossibility of them passing my course.  I hate to do it.  Although I want my students to succeed, some feel that it is my fault when they do not pass the course for lack of work, lack of discourse, lack of attendance, or refusal to ask for help.  I sent quite a depressing number of these out this morning.

4.  Garden of the Damned.  This summer has been exceedingly difficult.  Even with watering, my plants didn’t really start to flower until the rains began at the end of July.  It was depressing.

Now, my tomato plants can hardly stand up for the weight of the fruit.  The fruit on my Cherokee Purples (not pictured) have started turning red but they are also suffering from wilt…so that will be a race to see if I get tomatoes before the plant dies.  However for these two varieties, I think they will turn red soon.  Yay, tomatoes!

My three squash plants exploded and then started blooming during the last week of August.  I think I am going to trim them back to concentrate on a few squash.  It is likely that I will have to put these under a makeshift greenhouse if I want the pumpkins.  We usually get our first freeze in late September or early October; however, this year has been very odd and so I don’t know if that will hold true.

My first sunflower opened on September 2.  Only two of my plants sprouted from seed.  I thought these were supposed to be taller, but they are about 4′ right now.  They are very lovely and have several blooms on one stalk–this is the first bud to bloom.

I don’t know what will come of the weather this year.  August has been miserable and humid–I have to keep on the air in the house because it is so continuously damp outside.  Normally, I stop mowing the yard in mid-July due to the blazing heat and then return to mow two or three times between September and October to mulch out the leaves.  This year I stopped mowing in May but have been mowing twice a week in August just to keep the grass at a level that doesn’t clog the mower; there aren’t too many hours in the day where the yard is relatively dry (from the humidity and night condensation).  Even the county mowing crews are having issues with their giant industrial mowers because of the thick wet grass!

So, what that means for the garden?  Your guess is as good as mine.

5.  Writing.  I have been re-outlining my plot and squiddling around on Scrivener.  Everything is so easy in this program:  all I have to do is slide a notecard to a different spot on the pinboard.  No fuss.

6.  LYS.  My local yarn store is closing on the 15th.  I got a Zauberball hank last week, but I think I’ll go grab a few more DPNs for socks before the end.  It was nice to have a reliable place to go talk to someone who knew what they were doing and could help you when you found yourself confused by a pattern.  I will miss them.

Well, I must dash.  Linus, my eclectus, is smooching at me to uncover his cage.


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