Dear library, you tempt me so…

Hi everyone.

I have yet to finish S&S, but I have a good reason:  the library called me.

Yep.  It did.  The little automated service called me up this morning to notify me that I had a book waiting to be picked up at my earliest convenience.

So, I went.

I am 29th out of 41 waiting for the print version of the book and so I am unlikely to see that for a while.  However, I was lucky enough to be the first to list the audiobook version in my book requests!  That means I got it as soon as it hit the library shelf…they just took it out of the box and shipped it to my local branch (which is not the branch for which it was originally purchased).

What will I be doing tonight?  Knitting socks and listening to this!  (As if I would do anything else…)

What do I know about this book?  Absolutely nothing other than what I read in the synopsis.  I have been avoiding any reviews or commentary about this because I want to make up my own mind first.  I’ll let you know how it goes!


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