A bit of unnecessary local government spending

Ok.  I know this road has not been re-paved since 1986, but it is hardly falling apart.  The last time the county got around to paving this housing addition before that was when it was built in 1965.  However, between ’65 and ’86 the road had gone to hell.  I remember it so well because one couldn’t ride over it on a bike or rollerskate down it without hiccuping over all the temporary patches or avoiding the holes!  All the neighborhood kids were so excited when it was complete…

But this time?  There were no holes, no temporary patches.  The road was in really good shape–and fairly smooth.  [I know because I walk it frequently]  Does it look a bit worn?  Yeah, but it is NOWHERE near what it was the first time.

Maybe we just came up in the county paving rotation?

Anyway, this is what I woke up to this morning:

followed soon after by:

Not so pleasant an alarm clock.

On the plus side, as you can see, it is a gorgeous fall day here and I need to get hoppin’.  Enjoy your October Wednesday wherever you are…


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