Pitching a fit

I am tired and out of sorts tonight.  Technically, it is after midnight and so that makes it Nov. 4, but since I haven’t been to sleep I am still counting it as the 3rd.

It’s a big change having a new housemate plus Nanowrimo and a dozen different personal things on at the same time.  Let’s just say it is a tad rocky.

  • October reads:  0
  • November reads:  0 planned as of this moment
  • November book purchases so far (Kindle e-books):  Robin Hobb’s Dragon Haven and Robin Bates’ How Beowulf Can Save America
  • Nanowrimo word count:  4506
  • Nanowrimo expected word count for Nov. 3:  5000
  • Mood:  crabby
  • What would make it better:  a heating blanket and a long, long nap (and maybe some spicy bean soup)

Here’s to hoping Sunday is a better day than today…!


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