Hiccuping along to 50k

As you can see, I ignore all advice.

My writing process is not so smooth this year for Nanowrimo–the steady 1700 words-per-day clip isn’t kicking in.  Usually I am on track and slogging on without much effort being expended, but yesterday I flumped out at 800 words below expectation:  12512/13336.  Hmmm.

It doesn’t help that the dark at 4pm winter gloom is really hitting me hard this year!  I passed out at 7 pm.

Writing difficulty I wish to avoid by writing a blog post:  my up-and-coming antagonist (He is plotting a coup of his organization and has not yet become the big bad.  Right now he’s just a pain in the ass.)

I did get to the library and picked up Jasper Fforde’s new Thursday Next installment, The Woman Who Died a Lot.  I also grabbed Justin Cronin’s The Passage and Joe Abercrombie’s Best Served Cold.  Maybe these will help me get back to my writing groove.  I’ve heard great things about Abercrombie and I am hoping he can really put me in the headspace for writing my bad guy.  Wish me luck.

On another book note:  this morning I reserved a copy of Jim Butcher’s new Dresden Files novel, Cold Days, and Amber Benson’s novel, Death’s Daughter.  I’m so far behind in my reading for the year…who knows if I will catch up!


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